Friday, 23 February 2007

The First Post

This is my first post here.

I've been thinkng about a blog for a while. I've been working in software test automation for around 5 years. Mostly non gui system test in the telecoms industry but some gui web app uat recently.

Before working in software test I did a year or so in manufacturing systems development and a few years before that in manufacturing automation. Software for manufacturing robots..... now thats fun...... if you get the code wrong you'd better get your head out of the way pretty damn fast.

I've lurked on many software test groups, commenting from time to time but not very much.

I worked on a scrum (agile) project for a big telecoms instrument and monitoring system developer recently. I enjoyed that very much , it was a real eye opener working on an agile project for real - it takes a lot of work and discipline. It was fun finding ways to give test results back to the developers as rapudly as possible when they released code and it made me realise that in that environment the testers serve the developers first and foremost - giving them feedback on the code they've produced as rappidly as possible.

Even more recently I've been developing automated uat regression testing for an airline web booking app. This was my first time testing through the GUI. I've been using Mercury QTP as the main test tool for this. I've found it to be a pretty good tool for controlling the GUI and managing the test scripts but i'd have got on just as well with Watir or some other open source tool if the Mercury tools hadn't been available. It's good to have mercury test tool experience on your cv in the test automation job market though :-)

I'm starting a new job soon with a company who also use Mercury QTP. I think much of my blogging may be around getting the mercury tools to do what I want them to. For exampe this morning I successfully created automated code documentation for the QTP script actions. I've been using the open source NaturalDocs for automated code documentaion of my QTP script support functions. I finally made time to add my QTP re-usable actions to the code docs.

Well, thats enough drivel for now - I managed to acuire a snotty cold today so I've been treating it with Irish Red Breast Malt Wiskey for most of the evening - probably the cause of me actually getting this ramble off the ground.