Thursday, 8 March 2007

Automated Code Documentation for QTP Actions

My goal was to be able to automatically produce code documentation for my QTP Test Actions to make it easier for others to re-use the actions and avoid having to manually create and maintain the documentation.
I had already selected NaturalDocs ( for documenting my VBScript support functions. I wanted to be able to produce similar documentation for my re-usable QTP Test Actions.
Developing the solution:
Note: I often use the term Function to refer to a QTP Action.
On inspecting the QTP test script directory I found that each Action has a directory beneath the QTP Test directory and each Action directory contains a script file: Script.mts.
NaturalDocs recursively searches the specified directory looking for code files. It expects a file header and function headers in the code file. I added a file header and function header to the first Action of my QTP Test and added a function header to each of the remaining Actions. When I ran NaturalDocs it found each of the QTP Action script files and produced the documentation from the File and Function headers but because each Action has a separate script file only the first Action has the file header and hence the other Actions do not get associated with the QTP script name. To fix this problem I wrote a small perl script that concatenates all the individual Action scripts into a single file named after the QTP Test. These concatenated script files are placed in a dedicated directory and this directory is processed by NaturalDocs. This approach ensures all the QTP Actions are documented as part of their QTP Test. I added a call to this perl script in the batch file that is used to run NaturalDocs so that the concatenated files are produced each time I run NaturalDocs.
I extended the NaturalDocs configuration a little to recognise the keyword Action and document it in the same was as a Function. I had already added the keyword Parameter for documenting function parameters in my VBScript support libraries.

  • Keyword View: The large number of comment lines in the Action Header are all shown in the Keyword View. This doesn't look very good and just wastes screen space. perhaps there’s a way to configure Keyword View to no show the comment lines?
Example of documented QTP Test Actions: Screen Shot

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