Thursday, 20 March 2008

Subversion Commit Monitor

Commit Monitor is a tool developed by Stefan's Tools | A small collection of tools and utilities. It sits in your systray watching your subversion repository(s).

When files are commited to repositories / projects you're interested in it alerts you and allows you to check out the commit comments and even do a unified diff.

We previously used to send emails to the team when ever we commited changes that had significance for others. It's much easier to use the Commit Monitor as people can see the changes being made without relying on someone remembering / bothering to send an email.

This tool has made it easy for us to keep upto date with code commits with minimum effort for all team members.

Thanks to Stefan for this superb tool.

Cool Tools

Well...... I've not managed to do much with this blog. I've decided I might blog a bit about the tools I use for test automation. I'm always discovering little tools to solve little problems so I'll write a little about them I think.