Thursday, 7 May 2009

Java Client Embedded Browser QTP Headaches

The thick Java client that we test using QTP has an embedded browser hosting the Kana Knowledge Management System (KMS). You can configure QTP to play with the embedded browser. It works but it's a bit awkward because you can only use the Object Repository and Spy if you disable the QTP Java addin and even then QTP only recognises a subset of the objects in the embedded browser.

The subset of objects that QTP was willing to recognise in the embedded browser was enough to verify the test points that we were interested in but a recent update of the KMS has changed things, now QTP recognises fewer of the objects and this is causing us a bit of a headache.

My suspicion is that there's yet another object embedded in the embedded browser but I've not been able to get any more info on that yet.

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